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Montreal based Productions Bros inc. (as in Brothers) is one of the main companies on the Canadian Blues scene.

They are managing, booking, recording and distributing some of the best Canadian talents as : Nanette Workman, The Stephen Barry Band, Steve Hill, Bob Walsh, Mike Goudreau & Boppin Blues Band, the late lamented Vann "piano man" Walls, and Charles Wizen on the jazz scene.

Bros now also welcomes important artists of the Latin music scene : Soraya Benitez, La Velha Guarda da Mangueira, Celso Fonseca and Ronaldo Bastos, etc.

Bros distributes other major Quebec artists as Mononc'Serge, Les Ours, Danielle Martineau.

Bros handles major U.S. star's touring in Canada including Mississippi Heat on the Blues scene, and La Sonora Carruseles on the Latin music scene.

Les Productions Bros inc.
7080 Rue Alexandra, Suite #401
Montreal, (Quebec)
Canada, H2S 3J5

telephone: (514) 272-3466
Distribution : (514) 272-1603
fax: (514) 272-1685

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Photo: Billie Markus
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