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BROS-18003 © 2008
Track Listing
Stephen Barry - Andrew Cowan
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" Bassist Stephen Barry and guitarist Andrew Cowan have played together in the Stephen Barry Band – Montreal’s pre-eminent blues outfit – for more than three decades so their musical communication is finely tuned on these often-quiet and subtle versions of old and new acoustic blues and folk tunes. Each handles half the lead vocals. Barry shines on an interpretation of Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower that reclaims the oblique lyrics and haunting melody from Hendrix’s power-guitar dominated version, and on Mose Allison’s sly Don’t Forget to Smile. Cowan’s highlights include such timeless blues classics as Love In Vain, with nifty guitar work that owes more to Lonnie Johnson than to composer Robert Johnson, and a version of See See Rider that draws on Mississippi John Hurt’s influence. **** "
     MIKE REGENSTREIF / The Gazette, Nov. 1st, 2008

Track Listing Samples
 1. Forty-Four
 2. Goin' Away Baby
 3. Waltz in Blue
 4. All Along the Watchtower
 5. Portrait in Blue
 6. Love in Vain
 7. Mender
 8. Fool's Paradise
 9. Killing Him
 10. What a Fool I Was
 11. Betty and Dupree
 12. Po' Boy
 13. Worried Blues
 14. See See Rider
 15. Buy your Ticket
 16. Don't Forget to Smile
 17. Waltzing with Donna B.

 The Musicians

Stephen Barry Double Bass, acoustic bass, vocal
Andrew Cowan Acoustic guitar, vocal, piano
Susie Arioli Vocal
Gordon Adamson Drums
Jody Golick Saxophone
Donna Berry, Linda Morrison Back vocals
Jordan Officer Acoustic guitar, vocal
Ben Caissie Vocal