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Bob Walsh
There's a Story Here

BROS-11203 © 2012
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Bob Walsh
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Bob Walsh - There's a Story Here

Montreal, August 16th 2012 - On top of the list when it comes to playing the blues in Quebec, the great Bob Walsh is now releasing THERE'S IS A STORY HERE. He'll be celebrating the release of his 10th career album by giving a memorable performance on September 28th at Astral.
On There's a Story Here, Bob Walsh is entertaining with stories such as When you comin' over?, the riveting Move or the excellent title track. The record is a perfect blend of originals and cover songs, such as Angel from Montgomery, written by John Prine in 1971.
Always vibrant and moving, Bob has again reunited with his faithful friends - Jean Fernand Girard at the helm (musical direction, keyboards and arrangements), along with the great harmonica player Guy Bélanger, Christian Martin on guitars, Jean Cyr on bass and Bernard Deslauriers on drums.
Yes, there's the story of an extremely talented man, a unique voice with an incomparable career. Bob Walsh commands respect from his peers and the Canadian musical community at large. To mention his name is like opening the book on Quebec's entire blues music history from the band Contrebande in the 70's to today's Blues scene. Bob Walsh is a survivor and a true Blues giant.

Excerpt from John’s Blues Picks
Bob Walsh There’s A Story Here BROS
Veteran Quebec blues singer Bob Walsh does not write many songs and none for this one but his knack for finding good songs by others does not fail him here. He looks for a good story and he even found one with that title. Alec McElcheran, who writes for and often plays bass with Steve Rowe, had just such a song, one of three he placed here. The story involves a man who talks rather too much about a certain woman. “When You Comin’ Over” finds the narrator so obsessed with a new friend that everything else falls by the wayside.
The veteran songwriting duo of BA Markus & Michael Jerome Browne supply a jazzy tune called “Can’t Sit Still”. Here the narrator is restless to a fault but unrepentant. The songs aren’t all new, though, Walsh found a lesser known Lonnie Johnson tune, “Chicago Blues”, from 1941 whose performance may be a highlight among highlights. Nor does he restrict himself to blues songs: Andy Razaff’s “Black and Blue” and Sam Wyche’s “Alright, Okay You Win” delve into the big band tradition and John Prine’s “Angel From Montgomery” is here as well, all sung with aplomb.
His regular band of Guy Bélanger on harp, Christian Martin, guitars, Jean Cyr, bass and Bernard Deslauriers on drums handle all the various styles with ease, aided immeasurably by keyboardist/arranger extraordinaire Jean Fernand Girard. Only a singer of Walsh’s caliber can pull this kind of program off. Sit back and enjoy.
John Valenteyn, November, Toronto Blues Society


Track Listing Samples
 1. When You Comin' Over
 2. Move
 3. There's a Story Here
 4. Pur Your Foot Down
 5. Chicago Blues
 6. Can't Sit Still
 7. Black and Blue
 8. Pretty Face, Pretty Lies
 9. Angel from Montgomery
 10. Alright, Okay You Win
 11. She's Complicated
 12. Through the Blues
 13. I Love My Job


Bob Walsh Voice and back vocals
Jean-Fernand Girard Piano, Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes, back vocals and arrangements
Guy Bélanger Harmonica
Christian Martin Guitars
Jean Cyr Acoustic and electric bass and back vocals
Bernard Deslauriers Drums and percussions